Tips and Tricks: Kingdom Hearts 3

While playing through Kingdom Hearts 3 these are some of the tips and tricks that helped me. Some may seem simple and/or common sense however, I think they may benefit someone new to the series. These are just suggestions, and they may not fit your play-style.  

General Tips

  • If you need a refresher on what has happened thus far, watch the Memory Archives
  • There are also the Character Files, where you can see information on individual characters


By just playing through the main story you will most likely not branch off and explore the world. It is gorgeous and has many hidden things in it. By zipping past most things while playing I missed:

  • a lot of the collectibles used to level up Keyblades
  • ingredients for cooking with Remy
  • a few of the Classic Kingdom games
  • exploration of the universe through the Gummi ship


  • Dodge roll is your friend
  • Take advantage of all the extra attacks:
    • Attraction flows
    • Donald and Goofy’s special attacks
    • Keyblade specials
  • Set your shortcuts to suit your play style with potions and/or magic


There are choices at the beginning of the game, they all have different outcomes. If you want to, you can research them without spoiling yourself (within reason). This is something that I went into blind on my first play-through and mildly regret not researching at the time. They are not make-or-break the game kind of choices, however it will change the game in minor aspects depending on what you have chosen. In addition, since you cannot change the difficulty setting of the game, you may want to give further thought before making a decision.

The choices are:

  • Your desire
  • Your power

That wraps up Tips and Tricks for KH3! I hope these will come in handy for you when you play through the game. Now, go kill some bad guys!

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