Terraria 1.4 Journey Mode: What We Know So Far

In a recent video from prominent Terraria community member Chippy Gaming, we got the first look at the features of Terraria’s Journey mode. For those of you looking for a brief summary of what Journey mode will include, this article will give you the bare-bones details that we know so far. I highly suggest that you do watch Chippy Gaming’s video, even if just for a look at some of the freshly updated sprites and backgrounds (do I spy a bunny-shaped cloud?).

Here’s what we know so far.

Journey mode is both a character difficulty mode and a world type. This means that “Journey” appears when you select whether your character is softcore, mediumcore, or hardcore, and you select “Journey” when choosing whether your world is in normal mode, expert mode, or master mode.

In order to change/experience all the features listed below, you must be a Journey character in a Journey world (as far as we know). I’ll touch on this later because Chippy’s video has some interesting (unconfirmed) implications. One thing is confirmed: you cannot play a Journey character on a non-Journey world.

Feature 1: Quick Start

Starting in as a Journey character in a Journey world starts you off with a few items to help you get started – iron tools (possibly lead, depending on the world’s ore type), a summoning weapon, a unique pair of very weak wings, and a few other things.

If these few items aren’t enough for you, Journey mode lets you enable godmode.

Feature 2: Building Changes

Journey mode features a unique change to building. By collecting a certain number of a single item you can “research” that item to duplicate it infinitely. This means that in order to duplicate torches, you must place 100 torches into the research menu before you can spawn them infinitely. All items that you place into the research slot and research are consumed. For example, if you research 99 torches, all of them will be consumed but you won’t be able to spawn them infinitely until you research that last torch. As this would imply, you don’t have to research an item all at once: you can work towards researching them over time.

Additionally, Journey mode offers the player the option to increase block placement range without the need for reach-extending accessories. In fact, you reach *much* further than you normally can even with reach-extending accessories when you have this increased block placement range active. We’re not sure whether or not this effect will stack with reach-extending accessories.

Feature 3: World Modification

If you’re anything like me, you constantly wished you could turn off corruption spread: well wish no more! In Journey mode, you can turn off “infection” spreading. Whether this also turns off hallow biome spreading, we’re not sure, but we imagine it would.

This isn’t all, though. In Journey mode, you’ll be able to change the time of day. Want good lighting for a build project? Make it day! Want to see what your new lamps look like? Make it night! Certain buttons seem to allow you to stop time or make it go extra fast. Additionally, though Chippy doesn’t cover it, there is a weather menu available. Presumably, this will let you change the weather to any number of things (including the new windy day event).

Additionally, Journey mode lets you change the difficult at will, from journey difficulty (x0.5 difficulty) all the way up to master difficulty (x3.0 difficulty). The final feature of world modification we have confirmed is the ability to change enemy spawnrates. They can be disabled, normal, or x10 the amount, and anywhere in between. If you want to play a hard difficulty with fewer monsters or an easy difficulty with massive hoards, you can.

Playing a Journey World as a Non-Journey Character

As I prefaced, each of these features can be changed only if you are a Journey character in the Journey world. An implication of some of Chippy’s wording in his video is that you can still play a Journey world as a non-Journey character, though you cannot edit the above features. This has not been confirmed, but if true, this would be big for creative freedom in Terraria 1.4

Imagine if you will, a Journey mode world where it’s always night, x3.0 difficulty, and x10 monster spawns. Imagine, now, spawning into this world with 10 of your friends as hardcore characters and seeing who can survive the longest. Being able to mix character difficulty with the modifiable nature of a Journey world will definitely allow for some unique play experiences. Did someone say more community adventure maps?

So there you have it: a first look at Journey Mode in Terraria 1.4. I highly recommend you check out Chippy Gaming’s video on the matter if you have the time. Keep in mind that not all of these features are confirmed as I have assumed them to be, and even still there might be some features in Journey mode that Chippy wasn’t even allowed to have on screen. It’s only about one week now until we can see for ourselves!

May 17th, 2020 Edit: Much to my dismay, Journey Mode worlds are only playable by Journey Mode characters. But, with tModLoader support, there’s not much we can’t do in Terraria now 🙂

Happy journeying!

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