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TaleSpire, developed by BouncyRock Entertainment out of Norway, is a new digital tool to build your own Tabletop RPG. TaleSpire’s Kickstarter campaign just launched on June 25th and runs until August 8th. The campaign has already raised over half of its first goal of $126,353. It’s no wonder it’s taken off, it looks beautiful and they’ve proven with their concept art and working Alpha that they know what they’re doing.

Description from their Kickstarter Campaign:

TaleSpire is a beautiful way to play pen and paper RPGs online. It’s a place where you and your friends build and tell stories together.

We are marrying the beauty and physicality you find in miniatures with the expanse of digital worlds. Our aim is to get rid of everything that gets between you and your stories. And all of this whilst letting people be together regardless of where they are in the world.

TaleSpire is not tied to a specific game or ruleset; if it’s role-playing on a square grid we have your back.

That last part about the flexibility of what RPG you could create is what drew me in personally. Let us know what you think. Is this something you’ve been waiting for? Or do you like to keep it the old fashioned way? To see more check out the video below and head over to their Kickstarter for more info.

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