There’s a Butcher Around Review

Welcome to a new edition of Five Dollar Dives! Today I am going to be looking at the indie horror game There’s a Butcher Around.


If you have played a horror game then you might know what to expect, but for the most part, I can say what you have in mind is not what this game is. While it does feature an interesting premise there are some things about it that cause the game to fall short. Continue reading “There’s a Butcher Around Review”

One Finger Death Punch Two Review

A man sits as the title appears abover him. One Finger Death Punch 2

Welcome to a special edition of Five Dollar Dives! This week I am taking a look at One Finger Death Punch 2.

Note: Although One Finger Death Punch 2 costs more than $5, I am making an exception for this game as I already reviewed the original game. It’s also priced at a very affordable $5.99, and I definitely think the extra money is worth it in this case. Now, let’s get on with the review!

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Running Ninja Review

The Ninja jumps from platform to platform trying to climb through the room

Welcome to this edition of Five Dollar Dives, where I will be reviewing the game Running Ninja.

This game had me a little surprised. While I did get some of what I expected, a few of the game’s mechanics did have me raising an eyebrow. Not in a bad way though, as I was left thinking, “Well that’s interesting.” There is definitely some missed potential. However, considering the price that I paid for it, I was not expecting anything ground breaking.

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The Devil’s Calculator Review

Welcome to this week’s edition of Five Dollar Dives, where I will be reviewing the game The Devil’s Calculator.

If you love math, then The Devil’s Calculator is for you. If math is not your thing, then this game is likely going to be a pass for you. I wanted to give this game a try as most educational games tend to fall flat. I was hoping that this game would ignite my personal interest in mathematics, but I think a passionate teacher would be able to do that much more effectively.

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Metro Exodus positive review bombed on Steam

Metro Train Guards

Metro Exodus was embroiled in a controversy just before launch when its publisher, Deep Silver Games, pulled the game from Steam a mere two weeks before release. The decision meant that Exodus, which was developed by 4A Games, would only be available through the Epic Games store on PC. Needless to say, many gamers were not happy with this turn of events. Many went so far as to state that they would not play the game until it came out on Steam in 2020.

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Epic Games’ refunds: a bloated side-quest

Epic Games Store Logo

Epic’s refund policy is a mess, but it’s not so much the policy itself. Fourteen days after purchase and two hours of gameplay is pretty standard, but the implementation of it is sloppy and feels like a system from ten years ago, and is completely unintegrated with user accounts.  Here is what I discovered after unfortunately having to use it today.

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Store Wars: Epic poaches Metro Exodus from Steam

The war between Epic Games and Steam has escalated in a way that is shocking, yet unsurprising at the same time. Announced Monday, Metro: Exodus, the post-apocalyptic shooter from 4AGames and Deep Silver will be exclusive to the Epic Games store. Epic’s exclusives until this point, were brought into the light as exclusives for their store from the outset. However, in this case, they straight up bought the exclusivity rights two weeks before release.
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