Return of the Obra Dinn review

Note: This article was specifically written to NOT contain any spoilers nor any solved fates. The final paragraph will give hints on what to look for, but will still not give any answers.

Alone on the Obra Dinn, a ship full of corpses, and equipped with your journal and a peculiar pocket watch, you are tasked with solving the fate of each of the ship’s crew members and passengers. You’re given no backstory or prior knowledge of what occurred, meaning the entire story of the game is there for you to piece together by yourself. It’s no surprise that this game, with its incredibly unique game play (which initially sounds very menial and boring) and art design was made by the same man (Lucas Pope) who brought us Papers, Please, another game that shares these two characteristics.
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Orphan: simple game, simple story, simply fun

Orphan is a side-scroller sci-fi platformer developed by Windy Hill Studio stationed out in eastern Tennessee. It began as a Kickstarter back in January 2015. After three years, this fledgling studio’s debut game is finally seeing the light of day.

The game is about a young boy who is the last survivor on earth after an alien invasion. He survives the invasion by hiding in shadows, tall grass, and even water. He stumbles across different items and weapons, arming himself against the aliens. With some very cool twists in the story, this game is a short 8 hours with interestingly simple bosses spread throughout.

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