Fallout 76 given away with $5 item

It’s common knowledge by now that Fallout 76 was a huge flop. However, even I was surprised to see just how little the game seems to be valued by Polish retailer X-Kom. Their website has a bundle which includes a set of four pairs of PS4 controller thumbsticks and a copy of Fallout 76 for the PS4. The price of the bundle (which is currently live on the site but unavailable) is roughly $70, which is the price of the two items bought separately. That all seems perfectly normal, but the story doesn’t end there.

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Review

The battle between light and darkness ensues. In Kingdom Hearts 3 you find friends, fight foes, and fly to new worlds with your favorite characters. Additional elements and improved game-play mechanics help the game to outshine its predecessors in a legitimately engaging, enjoyable experience. While there are certainly many positives to this game, there were also a few things that were quite frustrating.

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Path of Exile will be coming to PS4

Grinding Gear Games announced on Monday that their action roleplaying game Path of Exile will be making it’s way to PS4 in December of this year. Starting small, Path of Exile has over time become a well known name among it’s ARPG brethren for bringing deep character progression, and quality gameplay.

With a range of choices and options for weapons, gear, slots, abilities, gems to alter your abilities, and the MASSIVE skill web, Path of Exile delivers a strong ARPG experience where you can make each of your characters and playstyles unique.
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