Cat Quest — A Pawsome Catventure

Have you ever wanted to play as a little cat on a grand adventure? Well, this is the game for you! You take on the role of a cat on a journey in this cute and endearing story. As you travel through the empire of Felingard, you will learn magic spells and find lots of loot. I’ve replayed this in anticipation for the sequel that comes out this year, Cat Quest 2: The Lupus Empire. Continue reading “Cat Quest — A Pawsome Catventure”

Fe — A wordless adventure

Released in 2018 by EA, Fe is an audio-visual focused story about a little creature named Fe. After a brief tutorial, you begin your adventure into the wild to figure out the story of the forest. By communicating with the animals in the wild, you are guided through an adventure. There will be some spoilers in the story section, so if you want to remain spoiler-free, please skip ahead.
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Potential SNES collection for the Nintendo Switch coming in the near future

For those who don’t know, the Nintendo Switch has several classic NES games on its online store. These include Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros. and others. Every month Nintendo releases additional games to the store, and it appears the SNES games may also be coming very soon.

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Celeste Review: A wonderful revisit to retro platforming


Celeste, winner of “Best Independent Game” award from The Game Awards 2018 and from the creators of Towerfall: Ascension, came out early in the year to a tidal wave of praise. It’s a near-pixel-perfect platformer akin to Super Meat Boy or I Wanna Be The Guy but if the developer didn’t hate humanity and wish for its demise. Deaths are expected and counted, but evenly spread out so as to make sure the player never gets so frustrated that they quit. Even for the players not accustomed to platformers, there is an Assist Mode that allows you to adjust the game speed, your stamina, how many jumps you get, and can even make you invincible. Continue reading “Celeste Review: A wonderful revisit to retro platforming”