Dungeons and DotA: Creating Ancient Apparition

Ancient Apparition: Frosty’s meaner cousin.

Ancient Apparition is classified as a ranged Intelligence hero whose roles are Support/Disabler/Nuker. Kaldr, the Ancient Apparition, is not necessarily a character. He is, according to his bio, “an image projected outside of time.” His purpose unknown, his final form incomprehensible; what we see now is just a glimpse of what Kaldr is. Continue reading “Dungeons and DotA: Creating Ancient Apparition”

Dungeons and DotA: Creating Alchemist

Alchemist: He rides the ogre.

Alchemist is classified as a melee Strength hero whose roles are all over the place. A mix of high damage, high health, debuffs, and a whole slew of other things make this disastrous duo a versatile hero. Alchemist’s backstory is pretty wonderful if you ask me. The little guy of the pair (the actual alchemist, Razzil Darkbrew) tried to turn a mountain into gold. He instead blew it up and destroyed a ton of stuff. In prison, he buddies up with the big fella (henceforth called “the ogre”). Razzil drugs him into a rage so they can break out of prison, with the ultimate goal of attempting to turn a mountain into gold (again). Continue reading “Dungeons and DotA: Creating Alchemist”

Dungeons and DotA: Creating Abaddon

Abaddon: the scary man with a scary face.

Abaddon is classified as a melee Strength hero whose roles are Support/Carry/Durable. Using a mix of healing, protection, and damage abilities, Abaddon is a mixed bag who excels in staying in lane and leading the charge. With a terrifying voice, an eerily buck-toothed horse, and a creepy slouch, the first thing that we can mark down with Abaddon is his alignment. His unnerving cool, title of “lord,” and allegiance to House Avernus mix well with his creepy demeanor to put him solidly into Lawful Evil (in my opinion the most playable of the evil alignments – don’t @ me). Continue reading “Dungeons and DotA: Creating Abaddon”

Dungeons and DotA: A Guide Series for Recreating DotA 2 Heroes in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

Personally, I find creating a character to be one of the most fun parts of any game. Over the past few months, I’ve found myself creating more and more character builds for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition (henceforth called DnD 5e). Whether revamping a past character or designing a “horseless cavalier,” the variety in races, classes, weapons, spells, and feats makes character creation a nuanced and in-depth process. Continue reading “Dungeons and DotA: A Guide Series for Recreating DotA 2 Heroes in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition”

Slay the Spire deck builds

Having just completed a review for Slay the Spire, I wanted to give a quick introductory guide to those looking to dive into the game.

In order to find success, you’re going to have to have some level of consistency and synergy in your decks. Each character has their own card libraries and a few relics unique to them, and some of these builds are more or less reliant on relics. One thing to keep in mind that there are no recommendations on how many of each card you should have in each deck. This is because you’ll never be able to get the “perfect” deck, or at least not reliably enough to warrant listing how many you should aim for. There are also cards that are good in just about any deck.

Continue reading “Slay the Spire deck builds”