Return of the Obra Dinn review

Note: This article was specifically written to NOT contain any spoilers nor any solved fates. The final paragraph will give hints on what to look for, but will still not give any answers.

Alone on the Obra Dinn, a ship full of corpses, and equipped with your journal and a peculiar pocket watch, you are tasked with solving the fate of each of the ship’s crew members and passengers. You’re given no backstory or prior knowledge of what occurred, meaning the entire story of the game is there for you to piece together by yourself. It’s no surprise that this game, with its incredibly unique game play (which initially sounds very menial and boring) and art design was made by the same man (Lucas Pope) who brought us Papers, Please, another game that shares these two characteristics.
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Call of Refund: featuring Cthulhu

Brief Review

Call of Cthulhu is a game that I can only describe as disappointing. The promise of an investigative survival horror where your choices matter and things slowly make less sense as the murder you are investigating gradually becomes a Lovecraftian nightmare was exciting. Instead, Call of Cthulhu devolves into typical horror game tropes done poorly and a mediocre linear story that does little to make up for the underdevelopment. To top it all off, this game is incredibly short with play-throughs on average seeming to be about 10 hours and mine being 9. For a $45 dollar price tag, this is way too short considering the lack of quality and polish that this game possesses. I do not recommend this game.

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Battle Chasers: Nightwar

Battle Chasers: Nightwar is a game that does most things poorly and everything else even worse. I find it difficult to think of another game that’s as disjointed and confused about itself as Battle Chasers: Nightwar. From the story that the player is thrust into with almost no setup or characterization to the uninspired gameplay that drags on and on, there’s really very little to be said in this game’s favor.

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