Fe, A wordless adventure

Released in 2018 by EA, Fe is an audio-visual focused story about a little creature named Fe. After a brief tutorial, you begin your adventure into the wild to figure out the story of the forest. By communicating with the animals in the wild, you are guided through an adventure. There will be some spoilers in the story section, so if you want to remain spoiler-free, please skip ahead.
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Anthem: A brutally honest review


BioWare’s Anthem is not a good game.

Anthem is a fantastic game, but it is buried under countless design mistakes and a heaping pile of bugs that have become the industry standard. Earlier, I wrote a review based on my experience with the demo, which was limited and shared only a brief look into the game proper. Now, with over 40 hours clocked, and all available story and side content finished, I have come to offer you my thoughts on the Anthem experience.

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EA reportedly axes large open-world Star Wars game in favor of smaller title

Let’s not kid ourselves, 2018 was not the best year for EA. With the poor reception of Battlefield 5, and their stock dropping considerably one might hope 2019 would be better. However, it appears that the new year is already not being kind to the industry giant. Last night Kotaku released an article that reportedly, EA has canceled their large open world Star Wars game. Continue reading “EA reportedly axes large open-world Star Wars game in favor of smaller title”

A tale of stock and awe: EA’s fall from glory

Battlefield V

After seeing a tweet pointing out Electronic Arts’ (EA’s) declining stock price over the past six months, I decided to start looking deeper into what may be influencing the price. I was particularly interested to see what Battlefield V’s relation was to the drop, as I did not really expect a single game to cause these kinds of reductions in stock price, despite how many gamers were not too happy with the game from the time of it’s announcement up to and including now. Continue reading “A tale of stock and awe: EA’s fall from glory”