Super Phantom Cat Review

Welcome to a new edition of Five Dollar Dives! Today I am going to be looking at the indie platformer Super Phantom Cat.

I would be lying if I said this games graphical style is not what caught my eye. It also has cats, so naturally the moment my fiancee Sara saw it she insisted that I review this game.

Hey Look there is something interesting just ahead.
Time for an adventure.


Super Phantom Cat uses the base of a standard platformer. It  executes this well: the controls are smooth, and I never felt like any mistakes that I made were unfairly punished. I cannot really say too much more about the gameplay as all I would be doing is repeating something along the lines of, “The gameplay is executed to perfection.”

The thing this game introduces to change up the gameplay is something called a “Phantom Power”. These powers include skills such as Blink, which allows you to shift your location a few spaces, as well as another power that will grow vines on a wall, allowing you to climb up vertical surfaces. Unfortunately, I have to admit that these powers never really gave me any kind of “this could be interesting” feeling.

Showing off where you get powers in Super Phantom Cat

There are multiple characters that you can play as. They do not offer any unique powers but they make for interesting skins for your character.

This game did not manage to suck me in, but perhaps that is because I was playing the game solely for the purpose of reviewing it. On the other hand, I have played other games for the purposes of review and have been pleasantly surprised. I think it comes down to the fact that this game seems to play things very safe. It just seems like there was no risk taken with it. However, I am not going to let this affect my review too much as this is something I would really need to have a long discussion on.


The story is a bit cliché: your girlfriend is kidnapped by aliens and you have to rescue her. Then again, this is another one of those games where the story can be forgiven for being weak if the gameplay is able to make up for it. In the case of Super Phantom Cat, the game does succeed in making up for this flaw.

Alians appear after your girlfriend touches a mysterious robot.
This is not good.


When I first looked at this game I immediately though of the Youtube channel, Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell. The graphics definitely did not hinder the game at all. The movement animation is surprisingly smooth. They show that there was a lot of care and attention to detail for them. Although if I were to nit pick I would say that some of the enemy animations are rather simple, but they are not something that sticks with us the entire game so I am willing to let it slide.

If someone told me this game actually plays at 30 FPS, I would be shocked as the animations make it appear as if the game is playing at 60FPS.

Technical notes

The game plays at a proper 1920 by 1080 screen resolution but it falls a little short with the sound controls as you are only able to turn the sounds or music either on or off. It would have been nice to have sliders for both of these options.

In a cave moving about.

Final Thoughts

When playing this game I was consistently thinking I was playing a kids game. This is nothing against the game as I can see why others would enjoy it. Unfortunately it really did not do anything to captivate me, which honestly does disappoint me. I was hoping for something that would really enthrall me and make me want to keep playing.

I do recommend this game for those looking for a good platformer; it does everything that it needs to to the standards that I expect.

Game information

Store Page: Super Phantom Cat

Developer/Publisher: Veewo Games

Release Date: 7 Mar, 2019

Price: 4.99$ USD

Time Played: 2 Hours

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