Pokemon Go: new item datamined that will allow changing teams

A new item has been datamined from Pokemon Go’s latest update by Chrales. The Team Medallion has not been officially announced by Niantic, but according to the description, it is an item that will allow the player to change teams.

Team Medallion icon

Some players, such as myself, have been awaiting this item for a significant amount of time. I originally started playing back in 2016 and selected Team Mystic, primarily because all of my friends were on the team already. However, as time went on, there were less and less of my immediate friend group playing. I did meet other friends, but most of them are on Team Instinct. For the purpose of raiding, at least, it would make far more sense for me to be on Team Instinct.

While my desire is to switch to Team Instinct, there is a very real fear that the majority of players will be switching from Team Instinct. Since the game opened it has been primarily a power struggle between Team Mystic and Team Valour. Instinct has always struggled to keep up in numbers. Many times I have seen a sea of red and blue, with only the occassional rare yellow gym. I understand the frustration of living in a red-dominated area and immediately having gyms taken from me after I’d done all of the work to capture them. Team Instinct has always struggled to keep up and there is a very real concern that this item will simply put them further behind due to players switching sides. As always, we’ll just have to wait and see how this changes the landscape of the game.

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