One Finger Death Punch Review

Welcome to Five Dollar Dives. This week I will be reviewing the spectacle brawler One Finger Death Punch.

The calm before the storm.

Do you enjoy kung fu? What about spectacle fighters? If the answers to both of those questions are yes, then One Finger Death Punch is a must-buy for you.

There is a moment of calm when you first start, then the enemies start to appear. The time has come for you to unleash your fingers (or thumbs) of fury, with the results being a spectacle of bodies flying and bloodshed everywhere. This game defines spectacle in spectacle fighter. One of the tips says you can play this game with one finger, which in theory you can, but when I was using the mouse to play I was using two.

The spectacle.

As I stated, this game is a spectacle, with faces getting cut off, stick figures getting impaled, and a lot of blood. This all takes place during several types of rounds; mob, light sword, survival, thunderstorm, boss and my personal favorite, nunchuck.

Mob Types

The standard enemy is the gray enemy, which only take one punch to kill. Blue enemies require two punches, but you need to click left then right or right then left to defeat them. Green enemies require you to double click left or right to kill them. The final enemy is the brawler. When engaging them, there are a cascade of button prompts similar to quick time events. I never found this to break the flow of combat.

Round Types

The mob round is your standard type of round where there is a specific number of enemies, and if you beat them all, you win. Light sword, thunderstorm, and nunchuck rounds are basically the same as mob rounds, except they add their own twist to it. Light sword and nunchuck start you off with a weapon and all of the enemies except the last one are the standard gray enemies, but you cannot see the color of them. Thunderstorm rounds do not show the color of enemies but you will face your standard variety of them (gray, blue, brawler, et cetera).


The different enemies and the changes in rounds make for a ton of variety and a fun experience. When failure arises, and it will, you can quickly pick yourself back up and try again. This helps to make the game feel like an entertaining challenge and less like it is trying to punish you for failing (at least any more than it has to). You also have a set number of hit points so you can easily tell how you’re doing, although the amount does depend on the level.

I also have to take a moment to talk about the music: every soundtrack is just pure bliss when you are beating the hell out of everyone. It gets you pumped up, and if you are already jacked up, then you just want to get out of your chair, rip your shirt off, and jump out the nearest window doing a 360 no scope kick to the face of a random passerby. Did that make sense to you? Because it sure as hell did not make sense to me, it just felt like the right wording to describe how much fun this game is.

One last hit. The music and this sequence preps you for the challenge ahead.

Technical Notes

The game only allows on or off for sound and music. This is a major issue of mine as I find the game to be rather loud.

When you first open it you have the option of checking it from a small, medium, or large window. You can also have the game enter full screen mode, but you cannot do a border less window.

Game Information

Developer/Publisher: Silver Dollar Games

Release Date: 3 Mar 2013

Price: $4.99 USD

Final Thoughts

The reason for this review is that this game is going to be getting a sequel. Considering how much fun I have had with this game, I am hoping that the sequel to it will be less than five dollars as well, as I look forward to reviewing it here on Five Dollar Dives.

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