One Finger Death Punch 2 demo available

After One Finger Death Punch was reviewed back in January on Five Dollar Dives, we looked in anticipation for the sequel. At the time, there wasn’t much information about it other than that it was upcoming. However, the original title is best summarized in this way: “There is a moment of calm when you first start, then the enemies start to appear. The time has come for you to unleash your fingers (or thumbs) of fury, with the results being a spectacle of bodies flying and bloodshed everywhere.”

Originally announced last March, One Finger Death Punch 2 is now available for free to demo on Steam. This comes just shy of four years since the release of the original game on PC (although it was originally available on Xbox 360 in 2013). The official launch date is April 15th, but we’re excited to be able to test it now.

The opportunity to demo it is especially important considering that Silver Dollar Games has stated on Steam that, “You can’t get a feel for the gameplay from watching videos. The flow of combat is something we spent years tweaking. It’s what makes OFDP2 unique. Only by playing it will this become clear. That’s why it’s important to us that you try the game out before you consider purchasing it.”

Obviously, while not every game requires a demo, I have always looked in favour on games that offer some sort of opportunity to test them out before purchase, particularly when it comes to fighting games. The genre has such a wide variety of mechanics and possibilities that not every game works for every person.

The original game is available on Xbox 360, PC, iOS, and Android. The sequel has been confirmed for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. However, at this time we only know the release date for PC, so we’ll be staying tuned for more announcements about this in the future. It is currently unknown if they will make the game available on mobile, but it is a game that very easily lends itself to that platform.

Check out and download the demo over on Steam today!

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