New PUBG app lets you see if you killed a streamer

If you have ever had an inkling that maybe you killed a famous streamer in Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, you are in luck. PUBG Report allows you to look back through past streams and obtain information. Any time you were killed by or killed a streamer, PUBG Report will detect it and allow you to search for it.

The app is made through the use of the official PUBG API, which is free to developers to use to develop websites, apps, and by allowing easy access to game data. All you have to do is go to their website, type in your username, and voila. You now have access to go and check on any deaths or kills that were on a stream.

Screenshot of PUBG Report's website search bar

Unfortunately, the data from PUBG API only last for 14 days, as do Twitch vods. So if you don’t manage to clip and save those moments fast, they will forever disappear into the ether.

Tools like these that provide ease of access to find clips and fun moments to share are great for any community. They allow for an easy spread of interesting content to bring new people in and also keep old veterans engaged for longer. Also, highlight clips are a pretty big scene on Youtube and bring a lot of eyes to funny moments from the game. Apps like PUBG Report make much easier for these channels to source content for their compilations, which then bring even more eyes to at least watch the game.

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