MindSeize, a new Sci-fi 2D Metroidvania

MindSeize, developed by Kamina Dimension out of Finland, is a new, story-driven, 2D sci-fi Metroidvania game. MindSeize’s Kickstarter campaign just launched on August 28th and runs until September 27th. The campaign has so far raised $5,050 of it’s $19,000 goal (and is steadily climbing). This game caught my attention not too long ago with its fluid and detailed pixel animations; see for yourself in their Kickstarter announcement trailer at the bottom.

For now, I’m going to share with you some of the highlights in regards to the game’s details, more of which you’ll find on their Kickstarter page.


Story description from their Kickstarter Campaign:

MindSeize is a story-driven game that takes place in distant future, where transferring human consciousness to mechanical brains and robots is possible. Connecting his mind to a robotic body called MAG (Mind-Action-Gear), the paralyzed protagonist of the story, M.C. Fox, aims to save his daughter Taryn, whose mind was stolen by an organization called The Ascended. This quest takes him to multiple dangerous locations all over the universe, revealing that The Ascended are a much greater threat to the humankind as anyone thought possible.

A mysterious organization believed to be behind multiple incidents, where the consciousness of an seemingly innocent victim has been removed, leaving behind only a body without mind. They believe, that the humankind should take control of their evolution and exchange their biological bodies with mechanical ones. The Ascended are fanatical in their belief, claiming that it would be better for the society to cast aside the old and weak, letting the strong-minded continue evolution with robotic bodies, without illness and fatigue – almost immortal.


So we have the general story, but what about gameplay?

The gameplay will take place in two main environments: the space ship and the surfaces of various planets. On the ship you’ll get mission briefings, talk to crew members, and upgrade your MAG with different weapons and abilities. On a planet’s surface it’s just as expected (you get to kill the baddies). You’ll get to use various tools such as an EMP, flamethrower, or even a support drone, all the while having to manage your MAG’s power, health, and shield. Power for your weapons and abilities doesn’t regenerate on its own, however; you’ll replenish it through power packs picked up from defeated enemies.

To get a better sense of what all of this looks like, see the trailer below.

If you like what you see in the trailer, I highly suggest you head over to their Kickstarter to get the full details. This is the second attempt from Kamina Dimension to kickstart the game, as they were unsuccessful in funding MindSeize in July of 2018. If funded, MindSeize has an expected launch window of early 2020. If you do back the game, you wouldn’t have to wait much longer before you get your hands on it. They seem to be nearly done with it already, but they will need the support to get through the last leg of this project. This is almost always the case when you are doing something at this level of quality with no financial backing. Logistically, passion can only get you so far: games do take time and money to make.

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