Metro Exodus positive review bombed on Steam

Metro Exodus was embroiled in a controversy just before launch when its publisher, Deep Silver Games, pulled the game from Steam a mere two weeks before release. The decision meant that Exodus, which was developed by 4A Games, would only be available through the Epic Games store on PC. Needless to say, many gamers were not happy with this turn of events. Many went so far as to state that they would not play the game until it came out on Steam in 2020.

It would be absolutely no surprise if the sales numbers were impacted by this, but one thing you wouldn’t expect from angry people on the internet is positive reviews for Exodus. Usually, when a company decision is disliked in such a massive way usually review bombing tends to follow. Users, players, viewers, or whatever the medium is come together to express their discontent by giving the game bad reviews. The Internet seldom shows mercy. However, this case is different.

In a twist, those who got the Steam version through the pre-orders seem to be giving positive reviews. 85% of Metro Exodus’s 2,500 reviews are positive. Even more interestingly,¬†when you actually look at these reviews many use the space to take a shot at Epic and Deep Silver while still praising the game.

A Steam user review of Metro Exodus the praises the game but takes shots at Deep Silver
One among many reviews of a similar kind.

I find this to be rather heartening: it shows the good side of the Internet. They aren’t blindly taking out their rage on the developers, who did nothing but make an amazing game. Their anger is directed exactly where it should be, square at the publishers. Hopefully, the message will be received, and Deep Silver will not make such a mistake again, because it would be a massive shame if 4AGames had to suffer for their failures.

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