Making the Most of Your Experience: Ni No Kuni II

As I played through the game, these are tips and tricks I learned to help you get the most out of the Ni No Kuni: Revenant Kingdom.

General Tips

  • As you unlock exploration modes, go back and explore where you have been.
  • There are places you will not be able to get to by just walking.
  • Level your Higgledies at the Higglery in your kingdom.
  • Test out different combinations of Higgledies and conjure any and all that you can.
  • Use the Higgledies in battle! I cannot stress this enough. Those little multi-colored wonders are amazing and they all have different abilities that you will have to test and try before finding the combo you like the most.
Main party and Higgledy management

Party and Combat

  • Switch up your main party.
  • Each character has different abilities and ranged weaponry so try your hand at each of them, see which ones work well together, and figure out which you like playing the most.
  • Use your dodge! This may sound like a given, but it really starts to help in the later game. As the enemies get harder you can dodge roll out of the way of their major attacks.
  • You can also take advantage of the dodge roll to move to the Higgledies faster if they are ready for their special actions.
  • Run into every fight you can. This will reward you with experience, items, and money.
  • Check your armor after every couple of hours. You will more than likely be able to upgrade your parties’ armor and weapons often.
  • Do skirmishes that are way above your means. They will reward you with experience even if you lose!
  • When in skirmish mode, you must stand still to summon more troops to you. Sounds like common sense, right? Took me countless times trying to summon troops before I realized this.
  • Take advantage of dash in skirmishes. You will be able to move out of the way of most large attacks and circle around the enemy.

Tactic Tweaker

Tactic Tweaker interface

You will gain access to the Tactic Tweaker in the middle of the game. There are four categories for you to play around with:

  1. Monster affinities: used to apply bonuses to enemy types. You choose between one category in each set of pairs. For example, there is the option between nature and nobility, and your selection will mean increased damage towards that particular type. (It’s an either/or option, you cannot have both!)
  2. Elements and Ailments: boost your party’s resistance to damage types (although the same concept applies as monster affinities; you have options between two different types)
  3. Arts of War: boost the abilities of your party. The options are damage, improved evasion, improved magic restoration,  escape speed increase, ranged attack speed, or heavy attack damage speed.
  4. Spoils: Determine what you want more of as the reward for your encounters. (Money, experience, armor, or materials.)
Swift Solution interface


Swift Solutions is this game’s version of a quest board.

  • When this is unlocked, I advise at least picking up some of the quests; you may have already acquired some of the materials for the collection quests.
  • Swift Solutions can be found in all the Major cities, and the icon on the map looks a bit like a duck head.
  • There are two types of quests from Swift Solutions: collection or bounty.
  • The quest turn-ins reward you with Tokens of Gratitude which you can spend on recruiting new citizens for your kingdom or items from the shop which are challenging to find in the world.
  • If you track your quest for the Dreamer’s Doors it will show you the next location, so you aren’t running around trying to find it for half the game.

Items and Inventory

  • I found it easy to find a Higgledy stone, but then I wouldn’t have the item it required. I’d then try to find the item and promptly forget where the stone was. I suggest having a notepad or taking a screenshot/picture of where you are so you can go back later.
  • Similarly, the blue chests in the game aren’t unlockable until halfway through the game, so make a mental map, take a picture, or draw something to remind you where to go back to. (PS: unlocking the chests requires learning a specific spell at the Spellworks.)
  • Collect everything! See those little sparkly things on the ground? Run them over and collect them!
  • Acquiring a ton of items will make your encounters with higgledy stones easier along with crafting, and the item quests for citizens and at Swift Solutions

Citizens and Kingdom

  • New citizens are unlocked with each chapter of the game, so always check back.
  • Aside from quests, you can recruit citizens off the streets of the major cities in the game, and they are shown on the map in a white bubble with an exclamation point.
  • Some citizens will be recruited easily, and others are more of a challenge, wanting you to go defeat a boss or go on a wild goose chase for someone or an item.
  • It is worth it to recruit as many citizens as you can for your kingdom since you can only level your kingdom up if you have recruited a certain number of citizens.
  • After each main chapter of the game, go back and look for new citizens.

Finally, level up your freaking kingdom for the love of King Evan! There are a bunch of perks to doing so, such as:

  • It allows you to gain items for quests and crafting
  • Faster travel speed unlocks
  • Leveling up of your spells (making you hit harder = Great!)
  • The army you use for your skirmishes will get stronger
  • It allows you to develop and improve armor and weapons

And that sums up all of the tips I found when playing Ni No Kuni II. Have fun!

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