Home is Where One Starts…

Home is Where One Starts… is a walking simulator with a story. The graphics are pretty, and the sound is nice. You learn about a girl who lives with her father and her finding her emotions.

Home is Where One Starts… (2015) was developed by David Wehle and voiced by his wife. It was the first game he had made, and it is a short but interesting look at a little girl’s life through narration.


As you begin Home is Where One Starts… you are in the body of a girl who has missed her school bus that morning. She narrates her story to you as you walk around the landscape by her home. You walk to different areas, and while doing so, you find objects along the way. These objects will prompt dialogue through which you will learn about her life with her father as well as her feelings and emotions. She strongly desires to get away, and you can help her.

The first look you have at the game is the sunset coming over the hills.


This game is a walking simulator, and your only movement in the game is forward, back, left or right. Other than that, you can move the camera, and pick up objects when you are given a prompt.

If your first play through of the game is relatively short and has you thinking “What the heck,” simply give it another try and explore different areas.

The ability to look at objects is key to they game. This is a box of dog food that triggers dialogue.


This game has eight achievements, which are all based on your exploration throughout the game. The items you are able to pick up and look as well as the dialogue prompts that you get while you are walking around and exploring are part of the journey. If you complete all the achievements in the game, then you have received the full experience including all of the dialogue.


Home is Where One Starts… is the shortest game I have ever played. My first play through was only about 20 minutes long, and even with all the achievements, the playtime was still only around an hour at the most. Despite being such a short game, Home is Where One Starts… makes you feel for the girl who you are playing as. If you have an hour to play a game and want to explore, I suggest picking it up.

A look at the trailer the girl lives in with her dad.

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