Globesweeper Review

Welcome to this week’s edition of Five Dollar Dives, where I will be reviewing the game Globesweeper.

The base globe that in hexigon format that is at the start of the game

If you are familiar with Minesweeper then Globesweeper will be familiar to you. Instead of using the traditional square shaped tiles, Globesweeper uses hexagon shaped tiles. This change in tile shape made it much easier for me to predict bomb locations; however, it does have a rare pentagon to allow for the spherical shape to be properly formed.

Game Play

The game play is very simple, as stated the game is Minesweeper, but you are looking as a sphere rather than a tiled board. I could just point you to a flash based Minesweeper game and say here you go. If you like that then you will like this game, but I think that would be cheating.

You will start with a globe of tiles. Which ones have bombs hidden under them? Good question, but you are not going to know until you start clicking. Pull out your prayer books, click on a few random times, and pray you don’t get blown up while doing so. I will take a brief moment to describe my experience.

After a click or two, and a quick trip to the hospital to remove the shrapnel that got embedded in me, I found a suitable patch that would allow me to determine if a tile conceals a mine or not. Working out from that patch, click after click, I deduced where the bombs were and flagged them. This worked well until I ran into a big problem: I came to the point where I no longer had enough information to determine if a tile concealed a bomb or not. So I did my best to put the odds in my favor and clicked on a tile. BOOM, that was the end of me. I was not too happy after coming so far. After I was put back together again, I created another mine laden sphere and proceeded to start the process over once again.

After Much Progress I clicked on a mine.

Additional Features

The game has different skins to the globe, although they are unlocked through achievements. This is something I do not hold against the game as this is the way skins should be unlocked. I just do not see myself playing 100 games to unlock the moon skin.

It also offers different sizes of globes and different layouts too; there is a cube with square tiles along with a globe that is made of triangular tiles. The square ones are not too bad but the triangle ones have me on the verge of pulling my hair out. There are 12 tiles that you need to worry about when dealing with a triangular tile, that is a lot more then the nine with the square tiles and six with the hexagonal tiles.

Technical notes

The game runs in a windowed mode, but it is possible to run the game in full screen mode. I found the music in the game to be a bit loud myself.  There is no volume slider, but you are able to toggle the music on and off.

Fioreworks errupt in the background after beating a globe.

Final Thoughts

If you love Minesweeper then I would strongly suggest this game. Even if you do not, I would suggest giving the hexagon mode a try. It’s reasonably priced for what it is. I feel I got my money’s worth out of it even though 2/3 of the modes are not my cup of tea when it comes to Minesweeper.

Game information:

Store Page: Globesweeper

Developer/Publisher: Incandescent Games

Release Date: Feb 12, 2019

Price: $2.69 USD

Time Played: 2 Hours

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