Five Dollar Dives: An Introduction

Welcome to Five Dollar Dives. This is a first impressions series looking at games that are less than $5, primarily on Steam. The purpose is to see if there are any hidden gems that you may want to check out. Many times have I looked at a game and wondered if the $3 was really worth it, or if I’d just end up having yet another game in my Steam list that I’d never look at again. If you’re like me, then this series is for you!

The only criteria for this is that the game must be less than five dollars when not on sale, but it also must not be free to play. I aim to play the game for approximately one hour for every dollar spent on it, or until completion, whichever one comes first. I plan to note down in my reviews how many times I have played through the game, along with the number of hours I have put into it at the time of writing.

I will be breaking down the articles as such:

  • Information on the game (developer, publisher, type of game, etc)
  • The review of the game
  • Final thoughts
  • User interface (What settings you can control, is it Windows only?)
  • Technical aspects of the game, such as graphics settings

As this is a first impressions series, other members of Heavyshelf may decide to review these games at a later date, and at that time a note will be added to the article so you have the opportunity to read a more in-depth review.

Stay tuned, as I look forward to sharing some of my finds with you!

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