Fight for Love Review

Welcome to Five Dollar Dives. This week I will be reviewing Fight for Love.

main character getting a health box

This game feels like something that is a first attempt at a game. It makes me glad this game is less than two dollars, and I only paid 71 cents for it.

Let me start with the controls: they are rather awkward. I was playing this game with an Xbox controller. There is no subtlety to the controls; you move or you don’t, that is it. Same goes for the jumping mechanics. It makes for an experience that takes some getting used to. It also took me a while to figure out the controls as the triggers do nothing. In order to shoot, you use “B” on the Xbox controller. For menu navigation, you use “A” and “Y”.

The levels are short, although sometimes they aren’t short enough. This feels particularly true once the sawblades show up. The saws’ hitboxes do not make much sense to me. When they are rotating in a circular motion, they seem to have a square hitbox that extends well beyond where the graphic for the blade ends. I died many times before I finally figured this out and where the edge of the blades are. This is the kind of thing that really does not make for an enjoyable experience and frustrated me to no end when I was trying to get past the saws.

When you die, you go back to the beginning of the level. This in itself is not a big deal; as I said the levels are short. However, when you go back, there is a pink bar at the top of the screen that instructs you on your objective for the level. After 50 deaths you hate it; it stays on the screen for too long and it takes up a third of the screen. If you need to remember what to do, you can just pause the game and look at it in the pause menu!

Am I getting the point across that this game drove me up the wall? Good, because I really feel that I need to make this point absolutely clear. This is not the first game this developer has created. They seem to produce a game every month. Frankly, that’s the kind of rate where I cannot give them the benefit of, “this is the first game they developed.”

One good part of the game is that the character models aren’t half bad. They do get the point across, although I always found when the main character stands still that they look like they are about to fall over backwards.

Technical notes

As mentioned already, the game’s menu system is really awkward to use.

In the game, you have to use the controller back button to go back but then you hit it again and you quit the level. This happened to me several times, and at one point caused me to rage quit out of frustration.

You can adjust the sound levels in 10% increments as well.

Game information

Developer/Publisher: Anamik Majumdar

Release Date: 11 Jan 2019

Price: $0.99 USD

Final Thoughts:

This game is not worth your time. I would not recommend buying it at all. Go to the dollar store and pick up something there. You will probably get more value and enjoyment out of whatever you select off the shelf there.

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