Child of Light: Tips and Tricks

Whether you are in the middle of Child of Light or haven’t started yet, this guide will go over characters, their abilities, combat and other important aspects of the game. There is some backstory on the characters so if you want to remain spoiler free I advise skipping this article or only reading up to where you are in the game.


Along your adventure you will meet your party of companions. Each one has their own unique story and battle strategies. This list will be in the order that you meet the characters for simplicity. You must complete the side-quest for the character if you want them to join your party. All of the characters have ability trees that you decide what you want to upgrade. Therefore, these descriptions are vague as the damage, healing, et cetera, will all be increased through ability tree upgrades as you progress through the game.

Taking a look at Aurora’s early attributes.


  • Main character
  • Uses Light attacks
  • Slash is a melee attack with her sword
  • Starlight is a light attack with a long cast time
  • Light Ray is a powerful light attack that has a 10% chance of killing a dark creature instantly
  • Counterattack can improve her chance of retaliating the attack (passive skill)
  • Defend reduces damage from attacks and increases speed on the timeline


  • A jester (Aerostati) who is compelled to find her brother
  • Not much attack power but a good healer for the party
  • Revive resurrects the fallen party member with some health
  • Heal regenerates some health
  • Tumble is a weak melee attack
  • Ailment Protection is a shield that she can place on a member of the party
  • Counter Heal is a useful healing spell to grant a certain percentage healed if health falls beneath a specific percentage
  • Defend reduces damage from attacks and increases speed on the timeline


  • A dwarf (Capilli) who has to defend his entire village
  • Focus on magic attacks
  • Knock is a quick melee attack with his staff
  • Lightning Strike is a lightning magic attack
  • Monsoon is a water magic attack
  • Wildfire is a fire magic attack
  • Rage of the Capilli allows Finn to increase the power of spells (passive skill)
  • Defend reduces damage from attacks and increases speed on the timeline


  • Aurora’s step-sister
  • Do not give her increases through stardust or the permanent stat boosts. No spoilers, however, she does not stay with the party long
  • Quicken allows the character to have a faster speed on the timeline
  • Lull allows an enemy to be slowed on the timeline
  • Charm Time makes the timeline start at 20% (passive skill)
  • Petrify is a melee attack that stuns the enemy for short time
  • Unstoppable makes allies immune to being interrupted
  • Defend reduces damage from attacks and increases speed on the timeline


  • A mouse-folk (Bolmus) who has a love for Margaret
  • Use of his bow allows him to be ranged attack focused
  • Hinder shoots a magical arrow and reduces the target creatures speed by a specific percentage for two turns
  • Rain Arrows is a ranged attack that targets all enemies
  • Double Hit is a targeted attack – if the enemy dies there is a follow-up attack
  • Antidote removes ailments and restores HP
  • Shoot Arrow is a simple arrow shot at one enemy
  • Sure Shot increases the critical hit chance by a certain percentage (passive skill)
  • Defend reduces damage from attacks and increases speed on the timeline


  • This character was DLC material. I found him at this point in the game and therefore he is here on the list
  • He says that he is still missing a piece of himself after you find all his parts and put him back together in the side quest
  • Smash is a melee attack with a club/hammer that is single target
  • Shock is a shock-wave that reduces the enemy speed by a certain percentage for two turns
  • Paralyze is a melee attack that has a certain percentage chance to paralyze a target for four seconds
  • Bump Back has a specific percentage chance of bumping back all enemy creatures on the timeline by 20% when he attacks (passive skill)
  • Regenerate is a slow heal that regains a specific percentage of HP over three turns
  • Defend reduces damage from attacks and increases speed on the timeline


  • Ruebella’s brother, a jester of the Aerostati
  • The circus did not think Tristis was funny enough so they kicked him out, leaving him sad and suicidal
  • Tumble is a melee tumble attack on a single target
  • Extend Spells adds a certain amount of turns to each spell’s duration (passive skill)
  • Haste increases an ally’s speed by a certain percentage for five turns
  • Unstoppable protects an ally that is casting for a specific amount of turns
  • Ultimate Armor is a spell to make a team member take a certain percentage less damage from physical and magical attacks for a specific number of turns
  • Defend reduces damage from attacks and increases speed on the timeline


  • A warrior who chose to be enslaved by Umbra to spare the lives of his Kategida-clan members and his younger brother (Cuchulain) who he trained
  • Umbra then imprisoned the Kategida-clan in the dungeons of her tower and Cuchulain thought of his brother as a betrayer who chose to serve the Black Queen willingly
  • Quake is a powerful charge attack that takes two full rounds on the timeline to complete
  • Kategida Cleave is a melee slash with deadly claws that has a certain percentage chance of pushing a targeted creature back on the timeline a specific percentage
  • Armor of the Titans allows Óengus to suffer a certain percentage less damage when hit by a physical attack for a specific amount of turns
  • Kiss of Death grants a specific percentage chance of instantly killing a target creature (passive skill)
  • Taunt attracts all enemy attacks for a certain amount of combat rounds
  • Defend reduces damage from attacks and increases speed on the timeline


  • A small child whose parents were kidnapped and killed
  • Paralyze stops a target from completing an action for a certain number of seconds
  • Jump Forward Jig allows an ally to start at a specific percentage speed on the timeline for four turns
  • Slow Strike attacks and reduces the targets speed by a specific percentage for a certain number of turns
  • Backward Slam is a woeful song that pushes an enemy back on the timeline by 20%
  • Battle Cry increases speed for a certain percentage when HP is below a specific percentage (passive skill)
  • Defend reduces damage from attacks and increases speed on the timeline


The little firefly you meet at the beginning of the game is going to be your best friend throughout your adventure. Not only will he light the way along your sometimes deary and dark path, he will help you solve puzzles and also be a real aid to you in combat.

Igniculus helps you on your journey.

In an encounter you can hover Igniculus over your enemies and press to slow the enemies down on the timeline. This becomes crucial in the later game for trying to line up enemies so you can get in a powerful spell or attack that takes a long time to cast. Additionally if you hover over your ally with Igniculus he will be able to heal them for small amounts. Igniculus depends on his little power bar to be able to do anything, so keep an eye on it. In combat situations you really don’t want to run out of power when you are trying to slow down an enemy or boss in the middle of a crucial fight. The little bushes of wishes that are scattered around can be collected to refill Igniculus’s gauge, allowing him to be his best self.


Oculi are the jewels that you will find in the world. Chests are hidden in the environment and in behind enemies, watch closely for them. These chest usually hide important stuff like Oculi that will help you on your adventure.  Depending on where you put the Oculi (weapon, armor or accessory) and what type it is the effect changes. I won’t go into every combination as it is easy for you to see what the effects are when you are socketing.

Type of Oculi and placement in equipment determine what it does:

  • Sapphire – Water, Evade
  • Ruby – Fire, HP
  • Emerald – Lightning, MP
  • Tourmaline – Paralysis, Magic
  • Amethyst – Physical Damage, Magical Damage
  • Citrine – Light, Dodge
  • Diamond – Speed, XP, Casting Speed
  • Onyx – Spell Power, Physical and Magical damage, Dodge
  • Spinel – Attack Power, Speed, Forward Speed on Timeline
  • Erin’s Citrine – Critical Hit, Dodge, HP regain if wearer dies in battle

You can also craft Oculi. If you combine three Oculi of the same type and size you will gain the same type of Oculi but of a better grade. Combing three of the upgraded Oculi further increases the quality and bonuses of it. Combining two different types of Oculi may wield a different type of the same grade. Combining three different types of Oculi together will wield an Oculi of a higher type. My best advice is to test combinations of Oculi to see what you get.


Along with knowing your characters and their abilities comes the timeline and knowing your enemies weaknesses. Knowing the timeline in combat and your opponents vulnerabilities will make your experience so much easier. Mashing all of these techniques together will assure that you get the most out of your combat encounters. Seeing as there are no enemy health bars you need to really focus on the other aspects of combat to fight to the best of your ability. Pair up your party with characters who will benefit each other. Don’t worry, you will figure this out with a little bit of experimentation.


Combat in Child of Light is based on a timeline. Depending on the speed of the allies and enemies they will either move faster or slower than normal. Characters like Genovefa and Golem have abilities to turn the tide of battle with knock back/bump back abilities. Enemies will be bumped back on the timeline allowing you to defend to regain a better position on the timeline or catch up to a team mate. You can haste or lull with the use of potions on an allies turn as well. If you are casting and an enemy is in the cast portion of the timeline just watch out. It might be wise to defend for that round or risk the enemy interrupting your cast.

A crucial part of battle is lining up your timeline. Getting that distance between the party and the enemies so you could make a long spell or attack was key. Use defend to do so, along with Igniculus’s slow ability and also lull spells or potions.

Use your party to benefit each other.


Enemies in game, like anyone in real life, have weaknesses. Earth creatures are vulnerable to fire, dark creatures to light, fire creatures to water and water to lightning. Paying attention to the color of the enemies helps you determine their weakness. Brown or green is earth, red or orange is fire, black or grey is dark, and shades of blue is water.

If you cannot tell the immediate vulnerability of an enemy just start hitting it with stuff. Seems like common sense, but try different things, like all of Finn’s spells. Then continue on to light spells, and melee attacks. Some enemies will be weaker to melee and some to spell damage. Additionally, some will get really mad when you interrupt them and ramp up the damage, protection or increase their and/or their parties speed on the timeline. You will also notice your party will have weaknesses as well. Some will lack in the defense abilities but hit hard or vice versa. Depending on the character they may be more vulnerable to melee or spell damage.

Lemuria’s end.


With all this information I hope this helps you conquer dark and rescue the land of Lemuria. Just remember to use everyone to their best abilities, always apply their skill points, use potions in battle, and apply those permanent boosts you come across. If you wanted to check out my full review of Child of Light you can find it here. Happy Fighting!

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