AWAKE – Definitive Edition Review

Welcome to this week’s edition of Five Dollar Dives, where I will be reviewing the game AWAKE.

What first caught my attention with this game was the style of graphics, although the tagline on the store page also piqued my interest: “It was supposed to be a romantic trip… but turned into a brutal murder scene.” From this description, I was not expecting a point and click game. I am hesitant to call it an adventure game as you do not get much time to do things.

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Review

The battle between light and darkness ensues. In Kingdom Hearts 3 you find friends, fight foes, and fly to new worlds with your favorite characters. Additional elements and improved game-play mechanics help the game to outshine its predecessors in a legitimately engaging, enjoyable experience. While there are certainly many positives to this game, there were also a few things that were quite frustrating.

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Anthem: EA’s Swan Song or BioWare’s Dirge?

Anthem is NOT the game you think it is.

There has been plenty of hub-bub and mixed first reactions concerning Anthem, the newest title and IP from Developer BioWare. A dogpile of criticism has been heaped on BioWare from those who have yet to even experience the game. Much of this seems to be simply due to the property being handled by EA. People have taken to calling it a “Destiny clone” and writing it off simply as that, even though the two games play nearly nothing alike.

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Odd Realm Review

OddRealm Header

Odd Realm, by the game’s own admission, is very much inspired by Dwarf Fortress and Rimworld. Unknown Origin Games thankfully knows that any good inspired game needs to still fill its own niche or tell its own story to not just be some lame ripoff. It’s clear from this very early point in development that Odd Realm is comfortable being in the same setting as Dwarf Fortress but can do its own thing without having to totally rely on its inspiration for where to go. The only “issue” is that it is very early in development, and the rough around the edges definitely shows.

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