Cat Quest — A Pawsome Catventure

Have you ever wanted to play as a little cat on a grand adventure? Well, this is the game for you! You take on the role of a cat on a journey in this cute and endearing story. As you travel through the empire of Felingard, you will learn magic spells and find lots of loot. I’ve replayed this in anticipation for the sequel that comes out this year, Cat Quest 2: The Lupus Empire.

If you wish to remain spoiler-free please do not read the story section as it does contain spoilers and well as location spoilers in the fourth wall section.


Early Story

The game begins with your sister being taken by a mean white cat, but there isn’t any other explanation given until later. You then meet Spirry, your cat-shaped sprite guardian. Spirry is quite reminiscent of Navi from Legend of Zelda which is A-OK with me. From here, it is explained that dragons have returned to the land and that only Dragonblood can defeat them. As you move through the tutorial, you meet a mage who tells you that the mark on the back of your head is one of the Dragonblood. You discover you are able to use magic and it is up to you to defeat the dragons who have shown up. Through the story you learn that Drakoth is the evil white kitty who catnapped your sister and has unleashed his dragons on Felingard.

Your character reaching out for his sister as Drakoth catnaps her.

From this point on you have to defeat the various dragons that Drakoth has summoned around the world (main quest) as well as complete side-quests that will help you level up. Drakoth tells you that if you defeat the dragons, you will be able to get your sister back. Throughout the world are monuments with inscriptions that explain the lore of Feligard and The Dragon War. Be sure to read these to get a better grasp of the details of the story that I will be skipping over.

The Real Truth

The Old Masters were humans who created an intelligent cat people. The Old Masters asked the dragons if they could teach them magic, to which they agreed. The magic was then taught to the Dragonbloods. Years later, the Dragon War was started by the dragons in retaliation against the Old Masters when they asked for aid and were shunned in return. This started the war between the dragons and the Old Masters allied with the Dragonblood. You come to learn that Drakoth was the first of the Dragonblood and that Aelius, a human, created him. Aelius is trapped in the Zero Dimension. As another Dragonblood, your whole quest (per Drakoth) was to get stronger and help open the Zero Dimension so Aelius can be freed.

Drakoth reveals that you don’t actually have a sister, and that it was just a ploy so that you continued to get stronger. Spirry was following Drakoth’s path, since he owed him a life debt, and guided you on your quests. Spirry was actually doing Drakoth’s dirty work all along, although he did not agree with his actions. The only time the character you play speaks is when you tell Spirry that you forgive him.

Final fight with Drakoth.

In the end, you open the Zero Dimension after the final boss fight, and you see Aelius as you step through a portal back to Felingard. There you find a clone of Drakoth who opens a portal to Drakoth’s lair. Here you find his notes and his cat bed. From this point on, you are free to continue playing the game although the main quest is done and there are new game options available.


As a little cat in a big world you have a mission: seek out and destroy the dragons Drakoth has summoned to get your sister back. It may seem a little daunting, but you quickly learn magic, abilities, and get the loot that allows you to slice and dice to your heart’s content. Other than the main quest, there are side-quests from quest boards which help the quirky citizens of Felingard.

Caves are another point of interest. They are level specific and grant loot, coins, and experience! Every time you complete them and exit, they instantly repopulate, so if you find a cave that gives a lot of experience you are able to grind for a while. If you haven’t fully cleared a cave of chests an icon will mark it so you can easily revisit it later on.

Inside a cave with hard enemies denoted with a skull icon.

Remember to save often! This is done by having a catnap at the catnapping stations in the towns. If there is a sign with a red and white striped pillow, you are in luck. This also heals your wounds and fully regenerates your mana.

During your adventure you will learn the skills Waterwalking and Fly. Once you gain the use of these, go and explore places you were unable to get to before, especially in caves. Doing this will allow you to access more valuable loot.


At the beginning of your journey you will have very limited weapons and armor, but fear not! The caves that appear around the map will house chests that contain armor and weapons. Master Kit Cat, the local blacksmith, also has chests that you can unlock with coins. Don’t be afraid to get doubles of items, since every time you do it will just increase the stats on that item. Make sure to do side-quests as well, since they award experience and also occasionally loot as well! There are three legendary loot items in the game and they will take a lot of looking and finding to get, but you can do it!

A look at the item screen.


During your adventure, you will come across mage towers. They will allow you to learn new spells and also level up your current spells. Spells cap out at level 10 and you will need to spend coins to level up your spells. You can bind your spells to different buttons to make your favourite spells just a click or press away. Every spell has a different orientation; Flamepurr is in a circle, Cattrap is in a box, etc. When you are attacking, you will need to take into consideration your position relative to the enemies. Enemies are usually more susceptible to either melee or magic and the numbers above their heads will alert you to this. The white numbers are normal attack and the red numbers are a hit that serious damages them.

  • Flamepurr —a fire spell that burns enemies and weakens their defense
  • Lightnyan —a lightning spell that zaps enemies to a crisp
  • Healing Paws —heals yourself and your wounds magically disappear
  • Freezepaw —an ice spell that chills and slows down enemies
  • Purrserk —a rage spell that makes you big and you go berserk
  • Cattrap — lays a spiky trap for enemies
  • Astropaw —summons paws from space to rip enemies a new one


It is up to you as to which style of combat you are more attuned to. Through your choice of weapons and armor, you have more advantage with either melee or magic. Make sure you check your loot to see if you have received an upgrade item. Mana, which is used for spells, is generated through melee combat. This was often tricky if you are facing a large enemy and need to get close to it to melee, since you are out of mana and cannot cast a spell. Just remember to watch their attacks and get a feel for their rotation. Use your rolls often and in no time you will have an attack rotation down pat.

A glimpse at the combat system.

Fourth Wall

Throughout this game there are lots of instances of fourth wall breaking. If you are one for immersion, it will definitely take you out of your mission to save your sister. However, if you went into this game taking it as seriously as it takes itself, then you will get a good chuckle out of it.


Aside from the various cat puns, there is an island to the south of the starting area that The Gentlebros live on. They are the developers of the game and give you some lore about the island that they reside on. They also have their own quest for you, which is a level 1 quest. This will be easy, right? Not exactly. You go into a level 1 cave and are faced with high level enemies that will hit you for 9999 damage. The best part about this cave is that the reward is the Golden Key. This is the key that will unlock all those chests you have seen in caves and have been unable to open. Now you can go back and get the good loot!


There is an island to the east shore that houses a quest about Pawtatoes. They are bad for cats if eaten raw and only grow in soil that is found in the Lupus Empire. When you come back to the island to complete the quest, the cat is gone and in it’s place is a cat head — a disguise! A note tells you that dogs will only appear if Cat Quest becomes popular enough. Considering there is a sequel announced, it is safe to say Cat Quest became popular enough.

Slashy Hero

There is a section of the map that has floating enemies and is littered with candy. It has a quest that leads you to collecting three items. After you collect them and bring them back, you place them in a triangle and summon an enemy. After defeating the enemy you are left with: slashy head, slashy scarf and slashy sword. You are then told you can go and download the game Slashy Hero for free (on iOS and Android). This is another game by Gentlebros. I found it cute that they gave it a bit of a cameo.

Other than the mention of Cathulthu, catnip themed quests, and cat shaped mountains, there are multiple puns of the cat variety in the dialogue of the game.


I thoroughly enjoyed this game. I rarely ever replay games once I have completed them, but in preparation for the sequel, replaying this game was just as hilarious as the first time. It really has all the charm of an RPG with main and side quests and feeling like you are getting stronger. I really don’t have anything bad to say about this game. If you love cats or just want a fun game to play, pick it up. Happy catventuring, folks!

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