Becoming a Dungeon Master: Sculpting your World

This is the second installment in a series. If you missed part one, check out Becoming a Dungeon Master.

Hello, burgeoning Dungeon Master! In the last entry, we discussed getting your expectations at healthy levels and the materials you will need to start your journey. Assuming you have those, let’s build your world.

Roll for initiative!

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Becoming a Dungeon Master

Dungeons and Dragons

Getting Started

Dungeons & Dragons is arguably the grandfather to all modern-day RPGs, whether it be tabletop games or video games. It popularized the concepts of the most notable character classes, such as ranger, rogue, wizard, etc. One could argue that without Gary Gygax’s and Dave Arneson’s vivid imaginations and passion for fantasy story-telling, Dungeons & Dragons wouldn’t have been born. And without that nerd-culture mascot, we wouldn’t have modern-day RPGs, table-tops and video games alike.

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Microsoft acquisitions: who they are and what is their significance

On November 10, 2018, in Mexico City, Mexico hosted Microsoft’s first X conference since being held in Tokyo in 2013. After five years of sitting silently as Sony holds their annual conferences and as Nintendo holds their regular Directs and Treehouses, Microsoft’s Xbox, with Phil Spencer at the helm, decided to prove to the gaming community that they have been listening and they plan on taking the industry back by force, since their flubbed launch of the Xbox One in 2013.

On November 10, 2018, Microsoft delivered.

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Orphan: simple game, simple story, simply fun

Orphan is a side-scroller sci-fi platformer developed by Windy Hill Studio stationed out in eastern Tennessee. It began as a Kickstarter back in January 2015. After three years, this fledgling studio’s debut game is finally seeing the light of day.

The game is about a young boy who is the last survivor on earth after an alien invasion. He survives the invasion by hiding in shadows, tall grass, and even water. He stumbles across different items and weapons, arming himself against the aliens. With some very cool twists in the story, this game is a short 8 hours with interestingly simple bosses spread throughout.

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