Astronaut: The Moon Eclipse Review — Pretty but lackluster space exploration

Astronaut: The Moon Eclipse is not a bad game, however, I found it to be uninteresting. The premise of the game is that a bunch of asteroids are heading towards Earth and it’s up to you to destroy them before they decimate the Earth. You get into your spaceship and head into a stationary position above Earth poised to leap into action. Continue reading “Astronaut: The Moon Eclipse Review — Pretty but lackluster space exploration”

Five Dollar Dives: An Introduction

Welcome to Five Dollar Dives. This is a first impressions series looking at games that are less than $5, primarily on Steam. The purpose is to see if there are any hidden gems that you may want to check out. Many times have I looked at a game and wondered if the $3 was really worth it, or if I’d just end up having yet another game in my Steam list that I’d never look at again. If you’re like me, then this series is for you!

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A tale of stock and awe: EA’s fall from glory

Battlefield V

After seeing a tweet pointing out Electronic Arts’ (EA’s) declining stock price over the past six months, I decided to start looking deeper into what may be influencing the price. I was particularly interested to see what Battlefield V’s relation was to the drop, as I did not really expect a single game to cause these kinds of reductions in stock price, despite how many gamers were not too happy with the game from the time of it’s announcement up to and including now. Continue reading “A tale of stock and awe: EA’s fall from glory”

Titanfall 2 – A Fun Multiplayer FPS with a Short Campaign

I am going to start this review by speaking about the mechanics of the game. While Titanfall 2 has a solid campaign, it is rather short and not where I would expect most peoples’ time to be spent. Online multiplayer is by far the meat of the game.

The gameplay is excellent; you move smoothly and are able to transition from wall running to sliding along the ground while turning your opponent into a pin cushion. Each Titan feels unique and requires a different approach to how your opponent’s Titan will be transformed into scrap metal.

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