The Case Against Updating Mass Effect’s Combat

After much speculation, it would seem that the highly anticipated Mass Effect trilogy remaster has now been all but confirmed and slatted for an early 2021 release. Even before this announcement, however, there had been much fan debate over whether or not the most dated of the games, Mass Effect 1, should receive more than just a cosmetic upgrade. A large segment of the fanbase is in favor of upgrading the game’s combat system and mechanics. This proposed update would  bring the first game’s combat system in line with the combat of the later two games. While that certainly does seem appealing, I am going to argue that Bioware should not do this. Continue reading “The Case Against Updating Mass Effect’s Combat”

Titanfall 2: The Most Underappreciated Sequel of the Last Decade

To say that Titanfall 2’s piss-poor marketing campaign almost murdered the game would be an understatement. I’m sure many people like myself noticed it on shelves back in October of 2016 and thought ‘It’s already out? I thought it wasn’t coming out for a good while’ because of how minuscule the marketing had been. All of that said, however, Titanfall 2 is certainly a brilliant game in its own right. And, as a sequel to the original Titanfall, it is probably the best sequel of the last decade. Continue reading “Titanfall 2: The Most Underappreciated Sequel of the Last Decade”