New Far Cry teased, seemingly in a post-apocalyptic setting

Far Cry 6

Ubisoft has released a brand new teaser for the next installment in their well known Far Cry series. The full announcement and reveal will take place during The Game Awards, which start at 8:30 PM EST on November 6th and will be streamed live on Youtube, Twitch, Facebook, and many other platforms. We will also be live blogging here on the website during The Game Awards, and discussing its entirety on our weekly podcast the day after, Friday the 7th at 3-5 PM EST streamed live on our Twitch. So stay tuned for those. Continue reading “New Far Cry teased, seemingly in a post-apocalyptic setting”

Where Pokémon Go has been and where it’s going

Pokemon Go

Ah, Pokemon Go. The only mobile game that has ever successfully captured my attention for more than a few months. Perhaps it’s merely the nostalgia, remembering times when I was a child playing Pokemon Red and Silver. I was a Pokemon fanatic as a child: I collected the cards, bought the books, and occasionally with the blessing of my mother my brother and I would pick an episode that we had missed to rent from Blockbuster. I still cry when I watch Pokemon: The First Movie. Yeah, you could call me a fan. Continue reading “Where Pokémon Go has been and where it’s going”

Oxygen Not Included review

Oxygen Not Included is Klei Entertainment’s newest game in a long line of strong titles. It keeps their signature art style, which is reminiscent of old cartoons with painted backgrounds and cell shading on anything that moves or can be interacted with. Klei hasn’t stuck to one genre for long, going from action games (Shank) to more strategic games (Mark of the Ninja and Invisible, INC.), and finally to survival games (Don’t Starve and Oxygen Not Included). In a strange move they seem to have kept to the same genre, but Oxygen Not Included is more like a scientific survival game when compared to the more well-known examples in the genre. As the name suggests, the availability of oxygen is limited and must be controlled, along with all the other normal survival elements. Continue reading “Oxygen Not Included review”

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord will be released … at some point

Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord

The original Mount & Blade wasn’t a huge success as a debut RPG title out the gates of newly formed Turkish game developer, TaleWorlds Entertainment. It’s the standalone expansion, Warband, that really got people playing and critics taking the game seriously. Fast forward to 2018 and we’re still waiting for the sequel, a full seven years after it was announced.
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Graveyard Keeper Review

Graveyard Keeper is the perfect example of what not to do when creating a video game. While it is technically a game, that’s about as high of praise I can give it. At every point it seems to make the wrong decision about how the game should work, making for an overall very disappointing and un-fun experience. The gameplay is slow and meaningless, it breaks often even after months of patches, and I get the feeling that these game developers are very confused about what a video game is actually supposed to be.

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Fallout 76 first impressions (and important P.S.A.)

P.S.A.: There appear to be legitimate issues with the the Fallout 76’s security. These issues allow players to hack and exploit the game, but more importantly it is claimed that these issues allow other players to potentially discover your IP address. As far as we have found Bethesda is aware of these issues and is working to fix them at the time of this article being published, but the fix has not yet been made. We encourage you to read into the situation and be aware of any risks that might be involved with the game. For the source of the claims further information click here and here.

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