APEX Legends: 5 tips and tricks to build the best teams

Electronic Arts and Respawn’s newest title APEX Legends has taken the Battle Royale scene by storm. Check out these handy tips and tricks to put together the best possible team comp and make your way towards victory.

1. Using Caustic and Gibraltar together ensures control of an area

Are you closing in on the final zone? Caught out in a field in a firefight? If you have Gibraltar and Caustic, you have the perfect point defense. Have your Gibraltar call down the thunder with his “Defensive Bombardment” and call your team into his “Dome of Protection”. Once inside, have Caustic use his “Nox Gas Grenade” once the strike starts dropping to blanket the entire area in gas.

Anyone on the outside will be bombarded with explosives, and anyone who makes their way inside the dome will be forced to reveal themselves to Caustic and take damage over time, ensuring an easy firefight.

2. Bangalore and Bloodhound can make for a ruthless flank

APEX Legends Bangalore
Bangalore showing she really is better running INTO a firefight

Bangalore has one of the best abilities in the game with her “Smoke Launcher”, blanketing an area with thick smoke. Using it in the mid-ground of a fight to create an obscuring wall can create a great opportunity for a two-pronged attack. If you combine this with Bloodhound’s “Eye of the Allfather” and “Beast of the Hunt”, Bloodhound can ping out enemy positions and flank from one side, while Bangalore draws fire from the other, using her “Double Time” passive to deftly avoid enemy shots.

This can work even better in the open by using Bangalore’s “Rolling Thunder” to push enemies back from her position, forcing them into the flanking Bloodhound as they turn to make their retreat.

3. Use ziplines while making use of Wraith’s “Into the Void” and “Dimensional Rift”

Is your team pinned down in a tight spot? Do you need to make your way out of a firefight quickly to a new vantage point? With a Wraith and a Pathfinder on your team, you can use Pathfinder’s “Zipline Gun” to scope out some safe territory, then send an invincible Wraith shooting up the zipline with her portal behind her. When Wraith reaches the end of the line, she can drop her second “Dimensional Rift” portal, ensuring your team can escape to safety, or if you’re particularly feisty, straight into the enemy team.

Even without Pathfinder, you can still use this strategy to get your team to new areas as a Wraith player. Keep this in mind when scoping out the landscape and where to plan your firefights.

4. Pathfinder and Caustic can get the leg up on enemies

APEX Caustic
Caustic does his best work in tight quarters

Caustic’s kit has limited use outside of area control. If you’re not in a building or set up in a tight area, that area control means next to nothing. Pathfinder’s passive allows him to scope out where the next zone will be. If used in conjunction with Caustic, you can move ahead of the position of your enemies and the zone, and set up traps for your enemies as they pass through ‘choke’ points, before closing in on them to finish the job.

5. Lifeline can survive alone outside of the End-Zone

The list so far has all been about team play, but sometimes you just want to play your own game. Sometimes you find yourself on your own at the end of a firefight without the time to grab your team-mates. Sometimes you find yourself with leavers on your team.

If you’re creative with your positioning and your “D.O.C. Heal drone” is ready, you can try for a clutch 3-piece. If you set up just outside of the position of the final zone, let your enemies run into the safety of it, and then unleash hell from above while D.O.C. keeps patching you up. If doing this, I also recommend running syringes in your heal slot for additional, quick 25 HP top-ups if needed.

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